Sunday, 6 March 2011

Summer time and my town is dead


Summer time is here again

The weather is appalling

The days are dark and damp again

The snow and rain is falling

Remembrance of the days gone by

When summers were all sunny

And days that seemed to last a week

And the weather wasn’t runny

 Remember sitting in the sun

Into the evening cool

And drinking that iced tea

That had become lukewarm

Remember wearing nice light clothes

That kept the sun at bay

And sleeping in the buff at night

And having sweet repose

Remember when the morning sun

Was gentle in the room

And now the morning light

Is dark and full of gloom

Remember when the days were long

With light and gentle breezes

And birds would gather in a throng

And didn’t sit and sneeze-es

What happened to those summer days?

Where did it all go wrong?

Was it all a dream I had?

Those summer days of song

Or is it just a memory

Of days that didn’t happen

Is it just a dream I had

Of summers in the mind

Maybe it’s because of age

Of times that have gone past

Maybe it’s a wish I have

To make the summer last

The smell of roses hanging heavy

The sound of bees on their duty

The scent of summer in the air

An aroma now so rare

But summer time is here again

We watch and wait and cope

We watch the rain and snow come down

But still we live in hope

In hope that summer will arrive

And warm our tired bodies

And drift through our tired minds

Our spirits to revive

© Angus Dei 2010


My Town is dead

My town has died and that’s no lie

It’s been killed off by “them”

It used to be so busy

But now the shopping’s lousy

It took ten years to kill it off

And now the well’s run dry

There is no longer a supply

Of shops to fill your basket

My town is dead they killed it off

And now it’s in its casket

The empty shops scream out for help

The shutters are endemic

The traders have all gone away

The rot it seems systemic

The egress from the shops

Appears to be pandemic

My town has died “they” killed it off

What am I to do?

I find it hard to understand

My mind it can’t construe

What “they” have done to my town

How “they” have killed it off

My town is poor in heart and soul

While “they” feed from the trough

My town is dead “they” killed it off

And now there’s nothing left

“They” carry on as if it lives

And leave us all bereft


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