Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Anti-deletion post

Apparently if I don't post on this blog it will be suspended and then deleted, so here it is.


10. Blog suspension and deletion for inactivity

Blog.com reserves the right to suspend and delete blogs based on activity criteria. Suspension and deletion criteria are applied individually per blog hosted on Blog.com. A blog will be considered active if it fullfils at least one of the following conditions:
(i) It subscribes any premium service.
(ii) It contains more than ten posts, and the most recent post is less than eighteen months old.
(iii) It contains more than one post, and the most recent post is less than six months old.
(iv) Its most recent post is less than two weeks old.
Blogs that can’t be considered active will be marked as inactive. Blog.com may at any time start a deletion process for inactive blogs. The deletion process occurs as follows:
(i) The blog is suspended for inactivity
(ii) An email is sent to the registered owner email address, informing of the suspension
(iii) The blog is deleted thirty days after the suspension date, if it still can’t be considered active.