Sunday, 6 March 2011

Down in the dumps


I must go down to the dump today

To the dump with those big bins

You see I’ve got a skip full

Of rubbish for my sins


The ultimate sin I did commit

It’s all my fault I will admit

I hid it all away you see

And when I looked


I guarantee that it had bred

And made much more

And rubbish I have now galore

Three times as much as before


Its in the loft, it’s in the shed

And some of it is neath the bed

It’s in the cupboards and the draws

It really has to go because


The house is full to overflowing

There’s old TVs and computer monitors

There’s a pile of bits that give me horrors

There’s bits of wood and some old carpet


And a box of stuff that gives me fits

There’s garden waste and broken things

A microwave that never pings

There’s motherboards and old laptops


Which would be more use as doorstops

There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve never seen

And tatty clothes I’ll never clean

And even stuff that came from Rome


There’s far too much to keep at home

So to the dump it has to go

Before it starts to grow and grow

The only snag is that although


To move it all I am unsure

Because I know what will ensue

I’ll go and get even more

Rubbish to accrue


©Angus Dei 2010

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