Wednesday, 16 December 2009

It’s snowing

It seems the Met Office is in the know
They got it right it’s started to snow
It’s coming down in dribs and drabs
And my attention it has grabbed

There’s not a lot as some would say
And it really isn’t here to stay
It melts as soon as hits the land
And really doesn’t look too grand

But snow they said and snow it is
Although it hasn’t got much whizz
It makes the garden look quite nice
But not enough to me entice

To leave my nice warm room
And dig out my trusty snow broom
To sweep away this rather sad
Layer of flakes but I am glad

To see the white flakes coming down
And lying whitely on the ground
To make a snowman I can not do
Nor will my nose turn blue

Because as I write this ditty
The snow has stopped and there’s a pity
No snow ball fights, no wellies on
Because the snow you see has gone


©Angus Dei 2009


  1. And your dreaded snow has come to France tonight. Thanks alot!
    Nice poem though.

  2. Thank you dedene, and you are welcome:) but there is more to come....snow I mean;)