Friday, 20 November 2009

I’ve not been well you know

I’ve had the Porky flu this week
The outlook it was very bleak
Until the Pork Flu site I found
And now I feel my health is sound

I got my meds from my flu friend
And with my Lemsips made a blend
That kept the nasty bug at bay
To live to post another day

I must admit it did feel bad
But now I feel a bit more glad
I’m out of bed and on the sofa
Instead of sleep I can just loaf

Around in comfort in my home
For three more days before I roam
Again into the world outside
Without a Flu Friend for a guide

It’s good to feel OK again
Because the Pork Flu is a bane
It’s good to write to some degree
Although some readers might disagree

Porky Flu can mar your week
And really make the future bleak
But Tamiflu came to the rescue
Or maybe not, you could argue


© Angus Dei

Angus Dei on all and sundry


Angus Dei politico

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