Monday, 5 October 2009

What If

What If

What if it only rained at night
And days were clear and bright
What if time would just stand still
And people ate their fill
What if countries all got on
And used brains instead of brawn

What if earth still had her lungs
And we all spoke in tongues
What if no one lived in fear
And life was still held dear
What if winter never came
And no one lived in shame

What if all cars ran for free
And we could all agree
What if money was unneeded
And pain never went unheeded
What if age was seen as wisdom
And each person had their own kingdom

What if we could live forever
And still remain as clever
What if trains were free to use
And there was no abuse
What if shopping was a pleasure
And life was full of leisure

What if all the Governments cared
And all the wealth was shared
What if computers always worked
And never went berserk
What if greasy food was good for us
Would we eat them with no fuss

What if, what if, you ask
It’s quite an impossible task
To know what if occurred
If what if should excur
To all our lives and all our drives
Would happiness derive

© Angus Dei

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